DnD 4th Edition Game

I’me Running a dungeons and Dragon Game at Bedford Gladiators the campaign has a blog here

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New Blog for Hunters of teh Light and Heros of the light

Zalia has set up a new Guild blog

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new kos

tobaxo l  a brave level 70 for gaking lowbies at Sentinal Hill

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2.01 Patch

Stiil Waiting for deathwing to comeback from the PM after spending the afternoon dowloading the update.

Will be interesting to see the changes they are doing prior to Burning Crusade next year. 

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Martin Luther King some real links

Some rather odious white supremisist’s shits have set up cloaked websites to spread misnformation one example is target at Martin Luther King – so to help hears some real links.

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

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Naughty List #2 Darkshammy

For Tyrinn

 My reward is 1g for the death of Darkshammy, orc shaman, ganks around STV a lot. Kill the pig and get me the pic.

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Naughty List #1 Deshar Orc Hunter

Posted  for Aries 

This is an idea i got today. If u get ganked by a horde several times and want revenge, post his ingame name, class, and lvl. and give the one who kills the horde money.
Rules is that the one claiming the money must show u a pic of when he has killed the horde with the combat log up so its readable. and the reward only pay’s once per wanted poster…

I’ll start out with 1G reward for the head of Deshar and Orc hunter. lvl 60.

Mail me pic of his death by youre hands to lucifer875@hotmail.com and post youre ingame name too, so i know whom to pay the reward good luck hunting

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WOW Machinima Billy Jean take off

Found a very funny takeoff of the billy jean video but using the WOW game engine 🙂

checkit out here 

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This is a blog for the WOW guild (Hunters of the Light) I am a member of – its designed to allow the guild members to share there shit lists and to plot revenge on those naughty Hord Scum.

 The inspiration for this was geting killed by Hord muchkins repeatedly and by Joi Ito’s blog about the We Know Guild in the States.

We are Based on the Deathwing server

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