Hunters Of The Light

Hunters of the Light is an Alliance World of Warcraft guild on the PvP server Deathwing Europe. The purpose of Hunters of the Light guild is to have fun in a family safe environment in which players are more than just another nameless face.

Hunters of the Light believes strongly in creating a non-pressured playing environment for it’s members while at the same time, bolstering a sense of cooperation and support for each member. With the sense of cooperation and help comes the understanding that we will not powerlevel any other member, but are always willing to help with quests or getting items is always available from higher level members.

We are a Guild that was formed during Final beta both the US and EU. With this comes exposure and exposure establishes reputation. HotL demands of its players to be decent and considerate of others…unless they’re the Horde. *smiles*

We are at the moment the oldest guild on Deathwing PvP EU server. You need to register at our website :

Contact : Zaila, Eriku or Zacfer

Published on September 28, 2006 at 12:07 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Hacked by swan
    Hacked by swan
    Hacked by swan
    Hacked by swan
    But seriously now, who gets on this site regularly?

  2. ooh – the “old” words from last year 🙂

    New is up – so feel free to copy / paste them here my friend.

    Be safe


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