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tobaxo l  a brave level 70 for gaking lowbies at Sentinal Hill

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Naughty List #2 Darkshammy

For Tyrinn

 My reward is 1g for the death of Darkshammy, orc shaman, ganks around STV a lot. Kill the pig and get me the pic.

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Naughty List #1 Deshar Orc Hunter

Posted  for Aries 

This is an idea i got today. If u get ganked by a horde several times and want revenge, post his ingame name, class, and lvl. and give the one who kills the horde money.
Rules is that the one claiming the money must show u a pic of when he has killed the horde with the combat log up so its readable. and the reward only pay’s once per wanted poster…

I’ll start out with 1G reward for the head of Deshar and Orc hunter. lvl 60.

Mail me pic of his death by youre hands to and post youre ingame name too, so i know whom to pay the reward good luck hunting

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